lördag, maj 05, 2012

Cocoa Daisy spring crop - Challenge 14 [Ants on a log]

The Layout RecipeLog: 
Use Textured cardstock at least 2 times on your page 
Peanut Butter: Unlike the sticky peanut butter you add to the celery here you'll use no adhesive on your layout. Say what? This will be tricky but fun and challenging and I promise it can be done think sewing, staples, pins, brads etc. 
Ants: 3 different types of embellishments and remember no adhesive unless it’s an already adhered embellishment. again think buttons can be stitched, chipboard can be stitched or stapled, pin that doily etc. 
You also get 2 freebies: 
Your title can be anything you want and you can adhere it. Only your title though Pattern paper use as much of as little as you want but remember NO adhesive for any of it!

I've used staples, brads, the sewingmachine, eylets, a paperclip and a pin. 

Kom och lek, sista dagen i morgon och det finns måååånga tävlingar!


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